Web of Impact

Accelerate Positive Impact

The Web of Impact is a digital platform that connects companies with verified impact projects.

By joining the Web of Impact, you can:

Support Sustainable Development

Support high-impact projects that drive measurable progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Engage customers and stakeholders

Showcase your positive impact to your customers and stakeholders with verifiable proof of impact and rich data for reporting.

Access new sources of funding

Access a new income streams for your charity by letting companies directly fund your initiatives.

The Web of Impact is powered by cutting-edge solutions that assess, integrate, and verify impact data. Our solutions include:

MITRA Impact Assessment

A comprehensive assessment framework that identifies and evaluates blockchain based impact projects based on their data quality and impact claims

PoPI Impact Integration

A platform that enables you to integrate verified impact into your products, services, and marketing campaigns

Join the Web of Impact to be part of a pioneering movement that is transforming the economy for good.

Claim your Impact Pioneers Grant

Claim $500 worth of impact credits for your first campaign.

Valid for five businesses until August 2023. Selection of partners at the discretion of Web of Impact.