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A future where everyday actions empower the planet and uplift communities, ensuring a better world with every choice you make.


Accerlerating funding for social and environmental impact by seamlessly integrating verified initiatives into companies’ products, services, and marketing strategies.

Felix Wieberneit, A PhD Candidate at Imperial College London, focussed on Digital Technology, Innovation and Sustainability, combines his academic work with a passion for sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship.

Simone Suresh is a gifted marketing professional with background in material science and international business. Simone is the main contact point for organisations that want to join the Web of Impact.

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Where it all started

Pioneering Transparency in the Soil Carbon Offset Market with Blockchain Technology

Our story began with a master’s project at the Innovation Design Engineering course at Imperial College and the Royal College of Art. The project investigated the potential of blockchain technology to accelerate the transition to regenerative agriculture via rigorous and transparent soil carbon offsets.

Selection in the Terra Carta Design Challenge

The project’s recognition and selection as part of the Terra Carta Design Challenge was a significant milestone. The Terra Carta Design Challenge is an esteemed initiative that focuses on driving positive environmental change and global sustainability goals. Read more

Advancing User Research and Testing for Grounded Carbon

The team were accepted into the Greenhouse Accelerator, jointly hosted by the Royal Institution and Imperial College London, where they conducted extensive user research and testing to further develop their ideas. Read more

Transformation into Web of Impact

Over time, the Grounded Carbon project evolved into the Web of Impact, a platform that continues to leverage blockchain transparency to channel funds into impactful initiatives, including soil carbon projects.

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