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Discover our catalogue of meticulously researched impact projects, where we delve deep into the origins and timelines of their impactful endeavors. Rest assured that all data is diligently recorded, securely stored on the blockchain, and readily accessible as an open-source resource.


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The registration process for your impact project involves scheduling a 1-hour call with our team to discuss your project and its goals. Additionally, completing the required documents is necessary every 6 months to ensure up-to-date information and maintain active participation in our platform.

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Web of Impact’s pioneering MITRA token rating system, impact projects gain a powerful tool to showcase their achievements and attract support. 

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Web Of Impact enables impact projects worldwide to establish connections with brands actively seeking to validate their impact. By facilitating these partnerships, we create a platform for mutually beneficial collaborations, enabling projects to generate additional revenue while helping brands demonstrate their commitment to making a positive difference. 

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By leveraging this transparent and credible evaluation system, projects can strengthen their narrative, build trust with stakeholders, and unlock opportunities for growth, ultimately expanding their impact on a larger scale.

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