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MITRA Ratings

MITRA Ratings assess Impact Project Integrity along multiple dimensions and help us to identify initiatives that can evidence their contributions to the SDGs. 

Welcome to MITRA - Your Compass in the Impact Jungle

Navigating the digital impact market just got easier. MITRA is our robust, science-based rating framework designed to assess the quality of Impact Tokens. We take into consideration multiple criteria including data availability, as well as environmental and social impact, providing you a comprehensive yet concise evaluation.

Scientific Rigor for Quality Assessment

Based on widely recognized Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis methodologies, MITRA distills complex assessments into a single, understandable score. This score provides a transparent measure of the Impact Token Quality, simplifying the process of identifying and selecting top-tier Impact Tokens across various categories.

MITRA’s ratings serve as the cornerstone for the selection of tokens offered through our PoPI Proof of Impact Platform, ensuring that the impact you support is genuine and backed up by evidence.

Open, permissionless and Impact

The future of impact markets is digital, poised to be among the first major adopters of the much-hailed “traceability” benefits of Web 3 infrastructure. An entire ecosystem of Impact Tokens and other regenerative financial mechanisms is emerging, poised to revolutionize how social and environmental impact projects access funding.

However, the vast and growing world of Impact Tokens can be difficult to navigate. Despite the acclaimed traceability and transparency associated with blockchain and other shared ledger technologies, the challenges of misconduct, fraudulent actors, and lack of clear standards remain.

This is where MITRA comes in. For companies seeking to identify high-quality Impact Tokens, we offer direct acces to our MITRA ratings, via an online platform or API access.

The Future of Impact Financing

As we strive to channel more finance towards social and environmental impact, new digital markets offer opportunities for greater integrity and reduced transaction costs. But for these digital impact markets to scale, we need to differentiate credible, high-integrity Impact Tokens from those that lack transparency or are fraudulent.

MITRA is your guide in this new frontier, ensuring you navigate this exciting and transformative landscape with confidence and knowledge. Join us in this journey towards a more equitable and sustainable future.